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  • What qualifications do you need to be an auditor?

    An auditor is a person who is authorized to assess the financial statements of organizations and ensure that the organizations are run effectively. The major role of an auditor is to track an organization’s financial records (Yassin, 2020). After tracking the financial records, the auditor verifies that the organization’s funds are properly accounted for. The […]

  • Why Audit is Important? What Are They?

    Compliance One of the primary reasons for audit is to comply with the statutory requirements and regulations. Non-compliance with statutory regulations may result in hefty fines, loss of business, and a bad reputation in the industry. The credibility of Financial Statements Auditors independently verify that the financial statements of an organization are a true and […]

  • Auditing a Class: What It Is and How It Works?

    Definition: Most students audit a class to determine which major the better fit academically. Auditing a class is a greater choice for some students, especially those who feel less time to enroll for all courses of their interest. It helps students decide on a major that they can explore without worrying about their grade point […]

  • What Are the Audit Processes? 7 Key Processes You Should Know

    Definition: The auditing process involves the actions and procedures used to control organizational activities. The set procedures are used in testing and proving that corporate operations are conducted effectively (Kinghabaeva & Savicheva, 2021). They ensure that organizations follow due control mechanisms. However, the audit process helps business organizations to detect opportunities and areas of improvement. […]

  • What are Audit opinions? 4 Types of Audit Opinions Explained with Example

    Definition: The audit opinion refers to the statement issued by an auditor expressing the examination results on their clients’ financial statements. The audit opinion is crucial for the company’s stakeholders because it provides critical information concerning their financial statements. It lets an organization’s stakeholders determine whether their financial statements are correct or wrong. The opinions […]

  • What is Auditing? – Overview, Types, Opinions, Processes, And More

    Overview: The term auditing generally refers to a financial statements audit. Auditing is the examination of an organization’s records and reports by an independent auditor (generally called an external auditor or CPA firm) to ensure that the financial statement is accurate and fair. The audit is a legal requirement for some companies when there are […]

  • 16 Types of Audit You Should Know – Explained

    What is Auditing? Auditing is defined as an investigation, inspection, or examination activities that performed by a professional and independent auditor or audit firm on the financial and accounting information of an entity or organization and then reporting to the related stakeholders whether that financial information is correctly prepared by the accounting standards, frameworks, or […]